We heard from Business Technology leaders and RevOps teams that there was no community for their specific needs.

So we created it.

Now this fast-growing community serves as a place for Business Technology and RevOps leaders to meet and exchange ideas or discuss challenges.

There are no sales pitches—just peer-to-peer connection.

Here’s what you’ll gain from joining the community today, from our community members:

“This has been one of the most valuable resources I have ever had access to career-wise”

Bill Martinez, Director of Sales Systems @ TheGuarantors

When you join the community, you’ll gain access to a huge database of discussion threads that cover topics like vendor evaluations, automation hacks, and team management. Our searchable community forum allows you to easily find threads related to the problems you’re trying to solve. A quick search for terms like “financial closing tools,” “org structure for business systems team,” or even “happy hour” will result in a gold mine of content that can help you find the answer you’re looking for—or find an upcoming member meetup near you (food + drinks on us)!

“If you want to strengthen your understanding of the latest technology, tools, processes, and people making a difference in the business technology industry, I highly recommend attending Magic.”

Venkat Ranga, Head of Business Information Systems @ Aryaka Networks

Every year, Systematic hosts an annual conference for the community, by the community. Members come together to present on top-of-mind topics, along with inspiring keynotes and networking sessions. As a member, you’ll be first to register and have exclusive access to all of the content following the conference. Not to mention, you’ll also have the opportunity to pitch a conference session on a topic you’re passionate about, and work the Systematic team and your fellow community members to bring your session to life.

“I have been searching for this for 25 years!”

Jim Burtt, Business Systems Architect + Project Manager @ Cloudera

Systematic is the only community for Business Systems, and we are proud to host a vendor-neutral space that allows this community to come together to network, problem solve, and deepen their learning. Among the many benefits that come with being a member is access to a constantly growing network of professionals from top companies like Google, Netflix, Slack, and Atlassian. When community members are looking to fill a new role on their team, they start with a job listing in the community. Whether you’re looking for the next big opportunity or a new addition to your team, Systematic’s network is unparalleled.

“The advantage of the business systems community is to help each other.  If somebody has already evaluated a tool we can post questions about it. If we are looking for a supplier portal or automation then everybody can jump in and tell them about their experience, tools, and technology.”

Padmaja Dasari, Head of Information Systems @ Nextdoor

Every month, community members host virtual meetups on topics like mentorship, HRIT systems, and how to optimize the collaboration between RevOps and BT. We plan meetups based off the topics we see trending in the community and are always looking for new hosts to bring their unique perspectives to the group.

So, who can join? If you are working on automations, managing core applications like your CRM, ERP, or HRIS; or work on a RevOps team, please apply! The registration form only takes about a minute to fill out, and you can expect to hear from us in 1 business day regarding your application. Keeping community content tactical is our #1 priority—that’s why we review every request to join an only admit those who are managing systems.

Are you convinced yet? Request to join here if you work in Business Technology or here if you’re working in RevOps. We can’t wait to have you in the community!

Sarah Dotson
About Sarah Dotson

Sarah is the Content and Community Lead for Systematic.