Systematic: The Conference is rapidly approaching, and this community-led conference is the perfect place for Business Technology professionals to level up their careers. From tactical sessions to networking opportunities and more, making your way to City View at the Metreon in downtown San Francisco for this free event is a worthwhile investment.

But you probably already know that. So now it’s time to convince your boss to let you take a day or two, head to San Francisco, and attend the conference to further your professional development—and we’ve got you covered. Use the below template to convince your boss to send you to Systematic: The Conference 2022.

Dear [Manager’s name],

I am seeking your approval to attend Systematic: The Conference on November 10th in San Francisco, CA. This is a conference specifically for those working in IT and BT, and their one-day event will cover a variety of topics relevant to my role. Every session centers around actionable takeaways that I can start implementing as soon as I return. Attending will help me significantly with these projects:

  • How to enable a data-driven Order-to-Cash process
  • Requirements for deploying packaged software and SaaS solutions
  • Driving business transformation through enterprise architecture
  • Creating dynamic self-service customer experiences via bots
  • The unveiling of the State of Business Technology Report for insights on the industry
  • X – Add Your Own Session Here!

You can check out the rest of the agenda and the tactical sessions to see which would be valuable to our team. 

The conference is free to attend, so the only expenses are lodging and transportation for the event. Here’s how much I’d expect this to cost:

  • Airfare: $XXX
  • Round-trip transportation between airport and hotel: $XXX
  • Hotel: $XXX
  • Total: 

I believe this conference can teach me critical strategies that would enable me to excel in my role and in my career. If given the chance to attend, I will plan to come back and present what I’ve learned to my peers to make sure the insights gleaned are put to good use across our team!

Thank you for considering my request,


Sarah Dotson
About Sarah Dotson

Sarah is the Content and Community Lead for Systematic.