Business Technology is not a new concept, but has recently become a focal point for CIOs.  Essentially, Business Technology (or BT) is pervasive technology that impacts business results, allowing companies to focus on the processes that happen in and between their cloud apps and databases and aligning them with business goals to create greater value.

Wendy M. Pfeiffer, CIO of Nutanix, a leader in hyperconverged infrastructure, and recipient of the 2019 Bay Area CIO of the Year Orbie Award (Enterprise Division), highlights how the role of a CIO has become more business objective focused and how this aligns with a shift to BT in a new interview with Silicon Republic. In it, she shares the following mindset:

IT is changing dramatically, and today’s IT workers need more strategic thinking skills in order to achieve their desired end result and make a greater impact in driving customer success.

Pfeiffer believes this way of thinking has not only changed the world, but her line of work specifically, which means CIOs like herself must act quickly.

This has led to a change in what her role as CIO of Nutanix oversees:

I’m responsible for the global technology implementation that supports our business and employees. That includes every aspect of Nutanix’s technology, from the applications that run the entire company to the tools employees use to do their jobs. On the other side of things, I’m also responsible for customer success.

Pfeiffer believes customer success runs both ways – for her employees and clients – and that the consumerization of both experiences must be an end result of business strategy.

Further in the interview, Pfeiffer sheds light on how she chooses to grow her teams to meet these goals, the future of digital transformation, and other BT initiatives Nutanix hopes to oversee. From the conversation, it becomes clear why the role of a CIO has evolved, according to Pfeiffer, and what steps they should take on the road to Business Technology and innovation success.

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