Systematic is the hub of the first community for Business Technology leaders, and we had long been planning to put together a job board. With the current situation, however, we thought it best to speed up the process — we want to make it a little bit easier for anyone who is being laid-off or is in need of a new opportunity. 

It’s been an unprecedented few months and it appears the pressure hits both sides; as some businesses have had to furlough and lay-off employees, others are trying to hire to keep up with the demand on IT and Business Technology (BT) to support a newly remote workforce.

Please say hello to the new Systematic Job Board, a job board just for Business Technology professionals.

We’re posting jobs that range from Business Systems Analyst jobs that roll up to BT all the way to positions to run whole BT departments. There are categories so candidates can search for jobs by BT specific skills ranging from app specific requirements like NetSuite or Salesforce to technical skills like Java or Integration. This is truly a job board tailored to you.

Community Members can:

The advantage to our community job board over others is that we can put qualified candidates directly in touch with the hiring manager – a total win-win for both parties. To make that happen without anyone getting spam, we’re taking a high-touch approach:

  • Hiring Manager: When you fill out the job post, at the beginning of the “Description,” you can write “Hiring Manager: Your Full Name” if you are open to being put in direct contact with qualified candidates from the community. They can get your email from a community manager so you don’t get spam.
  • Candidate: If you’re a member of the community and you’re especially interested in a position, email a community manager about putting you in touch with the job poster. As long as both parties are open to direct introductions we’ll make the intro!

Thanks to everyone in the community. We hope you’ll share this with your team if they’ve been impacted or with anyone who is hiring. Let’s keep our fellow BT professionals working! 

Kristine Colosimo
About Kristine Colosimo

Kristine is the Director of Marketing and Comms at Workato. An automation and productivity evangelist, she particularly enjoys exploring how new technologies like Slack can change the way we work, what the future of the workplace will look like, and how business systems is driving a new version of IT.