Things are looking up for IT hiring—despite the overall decline in jobs since the beginning of the pandemic, IT hiring is trending upwards. By 2022, there will be over an estimated 15 million people working on a Business Systems team. As the need for IT and BT talent grows, professionals in the industry can be more discerning and prioritize company culture, leadership, and values.

A report by Allied Workforce Mobility Survey reveals that companies lose 25% of all new employees within the first year of their employment. By assessing what elements are important to IT and BT talent, both professionals and organizations can mitigate employee churn and dissatisfaction. 

This begs the question: What are the top qualifications that BT talent look for in a company? 

If you are looking to hire new talent, here are a few factors that attract top BT employees:

Strong and visionary leadership

The leadership team can make or break a company. According to a survey conducted by Business News Daily, 88% of respondents identified that strong leadership is a top priority, despite the fact that over half of the employees were dissatisfied with their current leadership. This disconnect proves the need for organizations to invest in inspiring leadership and to train leaders to abide by a management style that caters to the needs of its employees. 

There is no one leadership style that serves as the golden standard. However, leaders within the company should define management best practices in order to increase employee retention, engagement, and acquisition. Creating a work environment and company culture that fosters integrity, open communication, and established objectives encourages employees to be innovative. 

Adam Cole, Director of Business Systems at Tango Card, asserts that even as a director, he values a leader who has a strong general understanding of the technology and “provides [reports with] a high degree of autonomy across the board (hiring, budgeting, system ownership, cross-departmental collaboration) while providing crucial support where needed, such as with hard decisions/conflicts.”

A study by Deloitte reveals that companies with a well-established mission have 40% higher levels of employee retention and 30% higher levels of innovation. Employees gravitate towards leaders who manage with a strong vision and bring purpose into their work. 

Recognition of value within the company

While salary reportedly makes up 49% of their decision, 71% of IT professionals stated they would take a pay cut for their ideal role. 

What does this say about IT and BT talent? 

Salary alone is not enough to entice IT and BT professionals to accept a job offer. According to a survey by the Huffington Post, if employees do not feel valued by their manager and company, there is a 50% chance that they will decide to look for another job in the next year. 

The State of Business Technology report indicates that only 18% of BT professionals feel “very appreciated” by their LOBs, and employees are looking beyond just being paid the market rate. An ideal role for BT professionals is one in which they can make an impact, feel appreciated, align with the company culture, receive competitive benefits, and explore opportunities for growth…and be compensated fairly. 

A flexible and innovative company culture

Culture plays an integral role in an employee’s decision making process. An article by Forbes highlights that “47% of people actively looking for new positions claim company culture is the main reason.” 

IT and BT professionals are looking for a company culture that promotes open communication, continuous learning, and collaboration. If employees feel as though the company culture is not a right fit for their needs, they will turn to other opportunities. 

Especially in light of the pandemic, IT and BT professionals are drawn to company cultures that encourage remote work and flexible working hours. Cole iterates that leaders in business technology seek a culture that has “strong values with emphasis on ownership, transparency, collaboration, and quality.”

Cultivating a culture of innovation allows employees to grow in their career, collaborate cross-functionally, and seek out of the box solutions. An open company culture encourages employees to communicate freely and share information—all components that drive digital transformation. 

Companies can foster an innovative culture by being transparent about organizational changes and goals, welcoming feedback, and communicating the direction of their vision.

Room for growth

IT and BT workers tend to look for companies who provide opportunities for career growth. In fact, a study by LinkedIn on how to attract and retain top IT talent reveals that 59% of respondents chose a job for a stronger career path and more opportunities. 

What type of opportunities are IT and BT professionals looking for?

A report on the current state of BT found that “94% of Business Technology respondents agree or strongly agree that Business Technology teams are the changemakers and drivers of an organization’s productivity and innovation.” As the catalysts in their organizations, BT workers want support from their organization to continue to drive efficiency. 

Tech professionals are also attracted to companies that will invest in their employees. Forbes shows that tech professionals seek out opportunities for in-house training, mentorship, and furthering their education. These types of programs not only groom a candidate for the role, but also provide a pathway to career advancement. Subsequently, LinkedIn reports that 78% of employees expressed higher company loyalty to organizations that offered a clear career track. 

IT and BT professionals are driving innovation and change and are looking for companies to invest in them beyond a paycheck. 

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