In a world where you can get what you want at the touch of a button, it’s easy to get caught up in our culture of instant gratification. While Abe Khaleeli, Senior Director of Intelligent Process Automation at Docusign, is no stranger to the need for fulfilling business needs that make an instant impact, he doesn’t let this keep him from looking forward and considering the influence of his actions on the future. Abe applies this philosophy to all areas of his life, from building out his team to creating a CoE from scratch and participating in passion projects. 

In whatever position he inhabits, Abe looks for opportunities to make a positive impact. He notes the power of automation: It can save money, but there is also the “satisfaction of not only having built something, but also making your colleagues smile.” Abe states that “being a part of communities like Systematic and VOCAL enables me to maintain my continuous learning experience.” In turn, Abe takes his learnings and perspective to better his team, his work, and his community. 

Understand Abe and the outlook that has shaped his career and his lifestyle.

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