As anyone in Marketing Ops can tell you, there is an endless selection of tools and technology that promise to make your work more efficient and effective. However, adding more applications to your tech stack can have an adverse effect, creating data silos and stretching your budget. Justin Norris, Director of Marketing Operations at 360Learning, acknowledges the smorgasbord of available technology, but instead follows a philosophy of “less is more.”

Armed with his minimalistic outlook on technology, Justin has been able to make the most of his current tech stack, focusing on the power of automation and integration. When it comes to his career, Justin brands himself as an “accumulator,” taking the skills and experience he learns from various roles—from consultant to director—and applying them to each new opportunity. 

Get to know Justin and how his unique perspective helped him maneuver through the intricacies of MarTech industry and find his passion for Ops.

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