As an IT or BT leader, it is essential to stay informed about the latest industry news and insights in order to empower your team. While staying on top of a constant stream of developments can be difficult, there are various resources available to bolster your knowledge and improve your team’s strategy and execution. 

We know your time is valuable, so we’ve rounded up 5 blogs that will keep you on the pulse of the most important business systems developments happening right now:

1. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is an online media hub that provides content on the latest IT trends, acquisitions, products, and services. TechCrunch reports on high-tech and start-up companies from a business angle, making it a great place to quickly catch up on news, analysis, and opinions from IT reporters and leaders like Waydev CEO and co-founder Alex Circei and Ali Kriegsman, co-Founder and COO at Bulletin. TechCrunch is also known for creating Crunchbase, a site where you can access company, funding, and investor data.

Posts from TechCrunch: 

2. CIO 

While the name of this publication touts the title “CIO,” this site offers resources for a wide range of technical professionals. CIO’s content focuses on three main pillars: business, technology and leadership. Within these sections, CIO offers a broad view of the latest tech news and strategies. With its combination of business and technological insights, CIO provides information for organizations who are looking to align their business and IT goals.

Although CIO is a useful resource for anyone working in tech, one aspect that sets this blog apart is the content tailored specifically for IT professionals. CIO publishes interviews, whitepapers, and podcast recommendations all concerning a wide range of IT topics. In addition to its online presence, CIO grants various awards to top ranking CIOs and hosts the CIO Think Tank, an exclusive forum where business leaders and CIOs can brainstorm, share ideas, and dive into industry topics.

Posts from CIO:

3. MIT Sloan Management Review

MIT Sloan Management Review offers a wide range of resources for readers, with sections dedicated to topics from AI and machine learning to workplace and culture. 

MIT SMR strives to provide insight into the unique management challenges present in a highly digital world. They provide evidence-based analysis about trends that allow organizations to operate and grow with the hope of enabling positive business outcomes. MIT SMR also offers special features focused on strategy, digital management, and the future of leadership and work. 

If you are looking for how IT trends affect your business and the best strategies to leverage new opportunities, MIT SMR offers content through their online blog, podcast, apps, and even in print.

Posts from MIT Sloan Management Review: 

4. Forrester

Forrester, a global consumer business and technology research company, offers content for sales, IT, marketing, and customer experience teams. Their blog provides customer-centric research and analytics as well as information about certifications, events, and consulting.  

In addition, Forrester receives contributions from subject matter experts and IT leaders about their personal experiences and insights. And to help leaders make informed, forward-looking decisions, Forrester has sections dedicated to general business predictions and trends, as well as planning strategies. 

Posts from Forrester: 

5. Gartner

Gartner is the leading company for research and analytics on markets including: IT, HR, sales, marketing, and more. With topics ranging from data management to diversity and inclusion, Gartner’s blog provides content for leaders across your enterprise. Overall, Gartner’s blog strives to be the central location for insights into technology, trends, tools, and management.  

In addition to their blog, Gartner offers resources like webinars and vendor evaluations. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, their visual analysis of the positioning of the market’s top competitors, as well as Gartner Peer Insights, an online community for end users, make Gartner a unique hub for business systems activity.

Posts from Gartner: 

As we roll into the new year, it’s the perfect time to expand your horizons and stay informed. If you are looking to stay on top of IT trends, hone your leadership skills, or just want a great read, incorporate these blogs into your daily routine.  

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